Where do you operate?

Our pet taxi serves Sydney and up to four hours from Sydney. For very short trips (eg to the local vet) our services are usually cost prohibitive outside of the Northern Beaches area.

How much does pet transport cost?

Prices start from $55 for a local pet taxi trip within Sydney’s northern beaches and range up to $600 for solo dog transport from regional areas of NSW to Sydney. However, if you are bringing a puppy from a regional NSW area to Sydney that cost will dramatically decrease if one or more of your pup’s litter mates join the trip. For more details on prices visit How much does Pet Transport Cost?

How does pet transport work?

It’s as simple as contacting us for a quote and then providing a few details to us. For a full explanation of the process, visit How Do I Use the Pet Taxi?

Do you transport humans?

We have one passenger seat and can accommodate one person who would like to accompany their pet, for example to the vet.

*We are not able to accommodate accompanying humans during the COVID outbreak*

Do you do dog minding?

No, we live in a very tiny apartment with a crazy rescue terrier and are unable to offer dog minding or overnight stays for dogs or cats in transit. We recommend SmallPaws Pet Hotel, Sydney Pet Boarding or Pet Resorts Australia Terrigal.

Do you do dog walking?

Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to offer dog walking services. We recommend The Doghouse Manly.

Do you do dog training?

Nope! Don’t have the patience or skill! We recommend Howling Success Dog Training and Behaviour or The Bright Canine.

Got another question? Please contact us.