At Dogspeed Pet Taxi we are fully vaccinated and boosted! We practise social distancing, wear masks and use hand sanitiser before and after handling pets and their belongings.

Notes For Breeders:

To minimise our interactions, you may place your puppies directly in our pet taxi travel crate. Please have puppy packs labelled with the new owners name & suburb.

Notes for Pet Owners:

If you are using our puppy transport or kitten transport service – please remain inside your home when the pet taxi arrives and have a mask ready. We will spend a couple of minutes scanning the microchip of your pet before bringing them to you. We will place them just inside the door to minimise contact. Please wear your mask maintain social distance as much as possible as you receive your new family member.

If we are transporting an adult dog, feel free to come outside to meet us. We can take the lead from you or you can place your dog directly in our pet taxi crate. Please wear a mask and wash or sanitise your hands before handling your dog’s lead and belongings.